Crystal Cathedral

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Sermon on the Mount: Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit

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Adoption in the Spirit

Message: "Adoption in the Spirit" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Russ Jacobson Music: Hour of Power Woodwind Ensemble

Freedom Isn't Free

Message: "Freedom Isn't Free" by Chad Williams Interview Guest: Chad Williams Music: Natalie Leonard and Independence Day Orchestra

No Saint Without a Past, No Sinner Without a Future

Message: "No Saint Without a Past, No Sinner Without a Future" by Chad Blake Interview: Neil Clark Warren Music: Daniel Rodriguez

Keep Hope Alive

Message: "Keep Hope Alive" by Bobby Schuller Interview: John Charles, Kerri Pomarolli and Ron McGehee Music: Elizabeth Stefanko

Keep Faith Alive

Message: "Keep Faith Alive" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Chris Stone and Lynnette Jackson Music: Danielle Evans

Sermon on the Mount: Praying Like Jesus

Message: "Sermon on the Mount Praying Like Jesus" by Bobby Schuller Music: Hour of Power Dixieland Band

Giving Planting the Seed

Message: "Giving Planting the Seed" by Bobby Schuller Interview and Music: Pat Boone

Learning Songs for the Desert

Message: "Learning Songs for the Desert" by Dr. Bill Dogterom Interview: Rolanda Watts Music: Kevin Rose and Joshua Elmore

Planting Trees -- Building the Future

Message: "Planting Trees Building the Future" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Crystal Hansen Music: Nita Whitaker and Liisi LaFontaine