Crystal Cathedral

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Gathered in Grace

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Previously on the Hour of Power

Growing in Jesus' School

Message: "Growing in Jesus' School" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Henk Stoorvogel and Kent Susad Music: Hour of Power Chamber Players

Happy and Whole Students of Jesus

Message: "Happy and Whole Students of Jesus" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Jay and Katherine Wolf Music: Hour of Power Choir

Seek Godís Plan

Message: "Seek God's Plan" by Nick Vujicic Interview: Alex Boye Music: Alex Boye and Mindy Kim​

Overcoming Evil with Good

Message: "Overcoming Evil with Good" by Bobby Schuller Music: Joslyn Sarshad and Hour of Power Chamber Players

More Than Conquerors

Message: "More than Conquerors" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Lindy Boone Music: Debby Boone

Learning Songs for the Desert

Message: "Learning Songs for the Desert" by Dr. Bill Dogterom Interview: Rolanda Watts Music: Kevin Rose and Joshua Elmore

Harmony in the Church

Message: "Harmony in the Church" by Bobby Schuller Interview: Kevin Sorbo Music: Freddie Ravel

Renewing the Mind

Message: "Renewing the Mind" by Bobby Schuller Interview: The Highland Divas Music: The Highland Divas and Mindy Kim

Leap of Faith

Message: "Leap of Faith" by Jacob Olson Interview: Jacob Olson Music: Genevieve Dew and Trio Dinicu