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2321 2014-07-27

Message : Peace be With You

I want to begin my sermon today by talking about a very famous town, Portland, Oregon, and its weirdness. Portland, Oregon is probably the weirdest town in America. If you go to Portland today, you will randomly see hula-hoops chained to bike racks. The reason is that there are some people who walk around town hula hooping and then chain their hula-hoops to bike racks so no one will steal them when they go into a café or something. Every year in Portland there is a naked bike ride. When you recycle, you'll have your choice between four different types of recycle options. Look out, too, because as you walk around Portland, you'll find things like a poetry tree, on which you can write your own poetry. In America, we have service animals, most generally service dogs. They have service cats in Portland. Portland is weird. Portland is totally weird.

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Interview : Houston Gunn

Houston Gunn (HG) is a 16-year-old-entrepreneur, author, real estate investor and musician who is on a mission to inspire other young people to take steps now to build successful futures. Houston made his first real estate deal at the age of 13, and by age 14 started writing his first book, Schooled for Success: How I plan to graduate from high school a millionaire. Houston garnered the attention of business mogul Donald Trump, who not only endorsed the book, but also granted him an interview. Houston has a new book entitled Shooting for Success, available at Bobby Schuller (BS) interviews Houston.

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