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2383 2015-10-04

Message : You Are Not What You Do, But You'll Do Great Things

So today, we're beginning this series; we're calling it "Life of the Beloved." Yes, I got that right - what it means to live in the knowledge that I am God's, that he is mine. Although behavior is so important, and how we live our lives is so important, in the messiness of living life, there is one thing that cannot be taken from you. That is your identity as the beloved sons and daughters of God. There is nothing we can do, nothing that can be done to us, nothing that can be taken from us, nothing that can change in our circumstance that can change one simple thing - that you and I are God's beloved children. And, that's very good news. If we forget that one very simple but easily lost principle, we can actually lose everything else that matters in this world.

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Interview : Alan Platt

Alan Platt (AP) is the Visionary Leader of Doxa Deo, a growing community of churches in South Africa, as well as London - United Kingdom, Auckland - New Zealand and Stuttgart - Germany. Doxa Deo serves 30,000 people on ten different campuses and includes vocational education and training centers that work with children and adults of all ages. Alan is a sought-after speaker and recently released his first book, We Start at Finish: Living from the completed work of Christ, available at Bobby Schuller (BS) interviews Alan.

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