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2369 2015-06-28

Message : See Like Jesus

Today we're finishing a sermon series about what it means to live like Jesus in our culture, both in the culture of our church and of our organization. And today we're going to talk about what it means to see like Jesus. Jesus sees the world very differently than most of us see the world. He sees others differently than we see others. He sees you differently than others see you. He sees your future, your past, and your possibilities differently than you do. So for us as believers, if we can get in tune with the way Jesus sees our whole lives, we'll be different.

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Interview : Donna Schuller

Donna Schuller (DS) is a certified nutritionist with a passion for helping people to learn to properly feed their bodies, minds and souls. She is the author of Healthy Family, Happy Life: What healthy families learn from healthy moms. Donna has been married to Robert A. Schuller for over 30 years and is Pastor Bobby's stepmother. Donna can be found at For more information on Robert and Donna, go to Bobby Schuller (BS) and Hannah Schuller (HS) interview Donna.

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