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2347 2015-01-25

Message : Money in the Kingdom of God: Desire

Glad you came here to Shepherd's Grove. For all of you watching on TV, if you're in the Orange County/L.A. area, come on down to church. We want to see you. We're only a bike ride from Disneyland. So come here and then go to Disneyland. We hope you come and visit with us whenever you're nearby.

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Interview : Josh & Heather Avis

Josh (JA) and Heather (HA) Avis are a young couple from Southern California who have adopted all three of their children: Macy, Truly and August, two of which were born with Down syndrome. Daughter Macy has her own instagram account @MacyMakesMyDay with a following of over 48,000. Josh and Heather are seen as role models and mentors to families living with Down syndrome and other disabilities across the country. Today, they share their personal story of how their family was created. Bobby Schuller (BS) interviews Josh and Heather.

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