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2326 2014-08-31

Message : Harmony in the Church

We are continuing today our study of the book of Romans. We are starting to wind down. I'm actually going to chapter 14 and then coming back to 12, which is a little weird, but I am a little weird and so I like doing things like that.

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Interview : Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo (KS) is an actor, director, producer, author and philanthropist. His career includes over 150 U.S. commercials, and early appearances on "Murder She Wrote," "Cheers," and "The Commish." He then starred in the "Hercules" series for seven years, followed by Gene Rodenberry's sci-fi series "Andromeda" for five years, having Kevin on air for 12 consecutive years. Kevin's current projects include the film "God's Not Dead," currently the highest grossing faith-based movie of all time. His book, True Strength, is available wherever books are sold. Bobby Schuller (BS) interviews Kevin.

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