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2328 2014-09-14

Message : More Than Conquerors

If you hear anything I say today, hear these words from Henri Nouwen: "You're not what you do, you're not what you have, you're not what people say about you; you are the beloved sons and daughters of God." If you can really believe that there is a God, he's a good God, he's involved in your life, he's more interested in your matters than you are, and actually loves you regardless of what you do, have, or what people say about you, if you can believe that, you will be saved.

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Interview : Lindy Boone

Lindy Boone (LB), daughter of Pat and Shirley Boone, shares the story of her son Ryan's accident. In 2001, Ryan accidentally stepped on a skylight on the roof of his apartment and fell three stories. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and today continues to heal from that accident. Lindy wrote a book entitled Heaven Hears that is available wherever books are sold. Her website is a resource for others who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. Bobby Schuller (BS) interviews Lindy.

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