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2348 2015-02-01

Money in the Kingdom of God: Joyful Givers

by Brad Formsma

Good morning. It's such an honor to be here. I have such a history with the Hour of Power. When I was eight and nine years old, living in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the time, and thinking I didn't want to go to church, I would start to establish a fake or an artificial cough. And if that didn't work, then I would go to the next sales step, which was, "Mom, you know, I can watch church on television." When I did that, I would see this church service, which didn't look like church. It looked like heaven, some kind of form of paradise. I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan in February. There's no sunshine, there's nothing happening. And so it's so good to be here. It's an honor to be here, and I'm looking forward to what's going to happen this morning.

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Money in the Kingdom of God: Desire by Bobby Schuller

2347 2015-01-25

Glad you came here to Shepherd's Grove. For all of you watching on TV, if you're in the Orange County/L.A. area, come on down to church. We want to see you. We're only a bike ride from Disneyland. So come here and then go to Disneyland. We hope you come and visit with us whenever you're nearby.

Life in the Spirit: Worship All the Time by Bobby Schuller

2346 2015-01-018

Today we're finishing this series the "Life in the Spirit." Everybody say, "Aww...." I know; it's a bummer. Everybody's enjoyed it, including me. And I've been getting great feedback about this study of the Holy Spirit. I'm glad to see that the church didn't leave after last week's somewhat Pentecostal sermon.

Life in the Spirit: Empowerment & Spiritual Gifts by Bobby Schuller

2345 2015-01-011

The day has come, my friends, when I come out of my Pentecostal closet because today we're going to talk about the charismatic gifts and their appropriate place within the life of every church. God is doing something amazing in the world today. Something that used to be, over the last hundred years, as being only in a Pentecostal church has now permeated just about every tradition in Christianity. Whether it's through the Calvinist Church or the Catholic Church, people are calling it a charismatic renewal. Believers in every tradition are finding a power that has always been in them to transform the world around them.

The Inner Voice of Love by Bobby Schuller

2344 2015-01-04

How we doing, friends? So today we're on chapter four of our series "Life in the Spirit." We talked about hearing God's voice. It's the first nuts and bolts about how we discern, as Christians, God's will, God's voice, where God is leading us. And today is part two of that because I'm still going to be talking about hearing God's voice but in a different way. Not in the issues of discernment but rather the inner life of love. There is this love that is made available to everyone in Jesus Christ. And when we attain that love, it blesses all other loves. When that relationship is thriving, all other relationships thrive.

Seek God's Plan by Nick Vujicic

2343 2014-12-28

Wow, today is really a special day. It is our last taping Sunday for the season, and it's a fitting one because we have such a tremendous honor to hear who I think is one of the most gifted and compelling teachers and speakers in the world today. Today we have the real pleasure of hearing from Nick Vujicic. Nick, of course, many of you know who he is. He was born with the tetra-amelia syndrome that is, essentially, that he was born with no arms and legs. And that is a compelling part of Nick's story, but I really feel like Nick's message transcends that. There are many speakers and authors who have disabilities, but Nick's ability to invite people into the love and the spirit of Christian living, is something that is matched by almost no one. Let's welcome with some real energy, Nick Vujicic.

Love: Care for Human Good by Bobby Schuller

2342 2014-12-21

I remember living in Oklahoma and it was hell in the winter. It would get to 5 degrees with wind blowing 30 miles an hour. Tulsa is the only city I know of that has more wind than Chicago does. The windy city, right? I remember going out in the cold, trying to scrape ice off the car windows at six in the morning, knuckles hitting the ice, and then falling on my knees in pain. I'd think, "I'm from California! I don't belong here!" It was terrible.

A Pervasive Sense of Well-Being by Bobby Schuller

2341 2014-12-14

I'm standing here overwhelmed at the opportunity to preach to this congregation every week. It really is such a blessing and humbling because most young men my age - I'm 32 years old - don't have an opportunity to speak to so many mature Christians, people who have been in the faith. Then layer that with the opportunity to speak to a worldwide audience. I'm just so humbled and thankful that every week I have the opportunity to be here, and that you and even the Lord trust me with sharing the gospel. So, thank you for listening each week. I'm so grateful. Today, we want to talk about joy as a part of this journey towards becoming and being grafted into the image of Christ, himself.

Keep Watch Take Heart! by Bobby Schuller

2340 2014-12-07

In this season celebrating Christ's birth, we want to reflect on advent. Advent is comprised of the four Sundays before the Christmas Day. The word, "advent," means "the coming" or, maybe more romantically, "the arrival." The arrival of the Messiah, the Son of God, the one everyone was waiting for in Israel. That's what we celebrate when we celebrate Christmas. But then to be in partnership with the narrative or the story that precedes the birth of Christ, we have this little four-week period where we, ourselves, prepare our own hearts for the arrival of Christ in our darkness.

The Hope of Nations by Bobby Schuller

2339 2014-11-30

Good morning, everyone. You picked a good day to come to church. It's always a good day to come to church, so says the pastor, right? Okay.

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