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2365 2015-05-31

Heal Like Jesus

by Bobby Schuller

We are continuing a series called Live Like Jesus. And this series is based on my new book, which I'm very excited about, that comes out June 9th. I wrote a book called Happiness According to Jesus. I wanted to write a book that, if anybody got it in their hands and took it seriously, I knew their lives would be different. It's essentially the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount, as most of you know, is my wheelhouse. I love Sermon on the Mount. I memorized it, I pray through it, and it is the guiding light for my life. And, as I've made the Sermon on the Mount the compass for my life, I've seen how it has made and enriched my life in such a profound way.

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Lead Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2364 2015-05-24

Today we are beginning a series on my new book. I have written and self-published before, but this will be my first published book, and it's something I'm really excited about. My book comes out June 9th (2015). It's called Happiness According to Jesus. You can get it anywhere books are sold. And today we're going to begin a series on this book.

Crossing the Jordan by Bobby Schuller

2363 2015-05-17

We had the very emotional experience of burying my grandfather, Robert Schuller. Many of you know him. Some of you are not familiar. But he is known as a legend in the faith. He was a big influencer on many of the modern churches that we have today. Many big, big pastors, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and others were deeply influenced by my grandfather. And he introduced some amazing things into the way that the church thinks about mission, in particular. That the church isn't supposed to be just a place that you invite people to come to, but rather like Jesus, we ought actually to go to people right where they are. And so he was an innovator and someone who thought of creative ways to do that.

Follow the Rabbi: Becoming a Rabbi by Bobby Schuller

2362 2015-05-10

Today we're finishing the Follow the Rabbi series. And I want to just end by remembering that the rabbis of Jesus' day who called disciples, called those disciples to make them rabbis. What I mean by that is making disciples is an inseparable part of being a disciple.

A Tribute to Dr. Robert H. Schuller by Bobby Schuller

2361 2015-05-03

Follow the Rabbi: The Rabbi is Talking to You by Bobby Schuller

2360 2015-04-26

Today we want to talk about the triumphal entry. We're continuing, actually, a series, "Follow the Rabbi," in which we will come to understand the context of the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We want to understand the culture that people in Jesus' day were living in.

Follow the Rabbi: The Rabbi's Great Commandment by Bobby Schuller

2359 2015-04-19

Responding to the Secular Society by Bobby Schuller

2358 2015-04-12

Twenty-five years ago, forty-five thousand children died every day either from starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. That's quite incredible. Today it's down to nineteen thousand. Now we have a long way to go from nineteen thousand to zero, but there is a big difference between forty-five thousand and nineteen thousand.

Easter: Resurrection Life by Bobby Schuller

2357 2015-04-05

Good morning! He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Follow the Rabbi: The Rabbi's Prodigal Father by Bobby Schuller

2356 2015-03-29

I'll never forget when a dear friend of mine, Pastor Chad, informed us all that he had never seen Star Wars. You could feel the air leave the room. We couldn't believe he was turning 28 and he'd never watched any of the Star Wars movies - not the good three or the bad three. He hadn't seen any of them. This was an incredible thing.

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