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2326 2014-08-31

Harmony in the Church

by Bobby Schuller

We are continuing today our study of the book of Romans. We are starting to wind down. I'm actually going to chapter 14 and then coming back to 12, which is a little weird, but I am a little weird and so I like doing things like that.

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Renewing the Mind by Bobby Schuller

2325 2014-08-24

Today we're continuing our conversation and study of the book or Romans. We are jumping today from Romans chapter 8 to Romans chapter 12. And at some level, especially as a Bible nerd, it's really hard to skip over certain passages and chapters, so we skipped a ton in chapter nine, ten, and eleven. Nine in particular, God's calling, preordaining, and predestining of his disciples, and in chapter eleven, the olive branch. Because Romans is such an awesome book, we seriously could spend the whole year going through it. But unfortunately, my feeling was nine through eleven would only buttress and support what we've already said. So, my hope is that when we finish this sermon series, you leave with a broad understanding of what Romans says and that from this place, you can carry on your study on your own.

Leap of Faith by Jacob Olson

2324 2014-08-17

It is an honor to be back here on the Hour of Power. It was such a great experience last time and so it's just an honor to be here, to be able to speak to you this morning. As I mentioned, I went blind around four years ago. Think about how much you use your eyesight; you use it every day in everything you do. So, to lose that was hard. I had to adapt a lot. I had to come up with tricks and new ways to do things, to learn how to read again, and walk again, and all these different things.

Sabbath in Community by Bobby Schuller

2323 2014-08-10

Today we finish the Sabbath series. And today I essentially want to ask and answer the question, "Why do we Sabbath together?"

More than Conquerors by Bobby Schuller

2322 2014-08-03

If you hear anything I say today, hear these words from Henri Nouwen: "You're not what you do, you're not what you have, you're not what people say about you; you are the beloved sons and daughters of God." If you can really believe that there is a God, he's a good God, he's involved in your life, he's more interested in your matters than you are, and actually loves you regardless of what you do, have, or what people say about you, if you can believe that, you will be saved.

Peace be With You by Bobby Schuller

2321 2014-07-27

I want to begin my sermon today by talking about a very famous town, Portland, Oregon, and its weirdness. Portland, Oregon is probably the weirdest town in America. If you go to Portland today, you will randomly see hula-hoops chained to bike racks. The reason is that there are some people who walk around town hula hooping and then chain their hula-hoops to bike racks so no one will steal them when they go into a café or something. Every year in Portland there is a naked bike ride. When you recycle, you'll have your choice between four different types of recycle options. Look out, too, because as you walk around Portland, you'll find things like a poetry tree, on which you can write your own poetry. In America, we have service animals, most generally service dogs. They have service cats in Portland. Portland is weird. Portland is totally weird.

Sermon on the Mount: Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit by Bobby Schuller

2320 2014-07-20

Well, good morning, everyone. I'm so sorry I wasn't here last week, and I even arrived here this morning a bit scabbed in my soul, if you know what I mean. I had possibly the hardest week of my life last week. Very, very difficult. So, I've arrived today with scratches, bumps, and bruises, for a number of reasons.

Adoption in the Spirit by Bobby Schuller

2319 2014-07-13

How did Chad do last week? Pretty good? I gave Chad the hardest text to preach on, which is this weird passage where Paul says, "I don't do the things I want to do. I do the things I don't want to do..." Then Paul talks about how the law brings out of him all of these things he didn't even want to envy. After he read this thing, "Thou shalt not envy," all of a sudden he started envying. It invited us into the human condition where things like the law, in our human state, bring out these wicked things that we do as people, and that, in the midst of that, God's grace and covenant is enough. I hope you're starting to see a common theme in Romans.

Freedom Isn't Free by Chad Williams

2318 2014-07-06

Well, as you folks heard, I'm a former US Navy SEAL, and I would argue that it is, by far, the most difficult military training there is in the world, hands down.

No Saint Without a Past, No Sinner Without a Future by Chad Blake

2317 2014-06-29

Well good morning everyone. As you've probably figured out, I'm not Bobby. My name is Chad Blake and I have pastored with Bobby for years over at the Tree of Life, and I am honored to be with you this morning. It's such an incredible privilege to be here. And actually my seminary president is here this morning, as well. Dr. Mouw. My M. Div. is from Fuller Theological Seminary, and so I'm thrilled that you were able to join us, as well.

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