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2320 2014-07-20

Sermon on the Mount: Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit

by Bobby Schuller

Well, good morning, everyone. I'm so sorry I wasn't here last week, and I even arrived here this morning a bit scabbed in my soul, if you know what I mean. I had possibly the hardest week of my life last week. Very, very difficult. So, I've arrived today with scratches, bumps, and bruises, for a number of reasons.

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Adoption in the Spirit by Bobby Schuller

2319 2014-07-13

How did Chad do last week? Pretty good? I gave Chad the hardest text to preach on, which is this weird passage where Paul says, "I don't do the things I want to do. I do the things I don't want to do..." Then Paul talks about how the law brings out of him all of these things he didn't even want to envy. After he read this thing, "Thou shalt not envy," all of a sudden he started envying. It invited us into the human condition where things like the law, in our human state, bring out these wicked things that we do as people, and that, in the midst of that, God's grace and covenant is enough. I hope you're starting to see a common theme in Romans.

Freedom Isn't Free by Chad Williams

2318 2014-07-06

Well, as you folks heard, I'm a former US Navy SEAL, and I would argue that it is, by far, the most difficult military training there is in the world, hands down.

No Saint Without a Past, No Sinner Without a Future by Chad Blake

2317 2014-06-29

Well good morning everyone. As you've probably figured out, I'm not Bobby. My name is Chad Blake and I have pastored with Bobby for years over at the Tree of Life, and I am honored to be with you this morning. It's such an incredible privilege to be here. And actually my seminary president is here this morning, as well. Dr. Mouw. My M. Div. is from Fuller Theological Seminary, and so I'm thrilled that you were able to join us, as well.

Keep Hope Alive by Bobby Schuller

2316 2014-06-22

Today we're continuing a conversation about the book of Romans. We're in this series where I decided that, for this church at this time, it would be a good idea to go through this powerful letter. It is, probably, Paul's greatest work to the church, and speaks very well to Americans, in particular. Ancient Rome and the U.S., today, don't share many of the same vices. However, they do have a lot in common particularly regarding wealth and being the greatest influences in the world during their eras of strength. Also, many of the same issues that Roman Christians might have dealt with would be some of the same issues that American Christians struggle with today.

Keep Faith Alive by Bobby Schuller

2315 2014-06-15

So, it's been a journey and, actually, the timing is good. I'm really glad I'm able to preach today. I wasn't sure if I would be here. It's so perfect that I'm preaching this sermon today, which by the way, I planned about six months ago, because I plan out the preaching schedule for the whole year. And today I'm preaching about God's faithfulness. I'm preaching about Romans.

Sermon on the Mount: Praying Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2314 2014-06-08

Have you ever made a promise that you broke? I did - a promise to myself. It was a promise that I wouldn't fly a certain airline. They had lost my bags several times, I'd found myself stuck on a tarmac for hours with no air conditioning. Finally, I swore I would never fly this particular airline ever again. I'd always tell people, don't ever put me on this airline. But, one time I broke that promise. I'd been scheduled on that airline, and I thought, okay, they have my ticket. I'll just do it anyway.

Giving Planting the Seed by Bobby Schuller

2313 2014-06-01

Good morning. I can't recall giving a sermon just on giving, but the day has come. Aren't you excited? I've been giving some prayer and some thought about talking about generosity, about giving, and what it means in our church, and how we become giving people. And, although we talk about giving from time to time, I've never completely dedicated a sermon, and actually my father-in-law, of all people, chastised me for not doing this awhile back. So, I thought I'd give this some thought about a real sermon on what it means to be generous people.

Learning Songs for the Desert by Dr. Bill Dogterom

2312 2014-05-25

Dr. Dogterom is the Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Vanguard University. His particular interest is in the spiritual formation for lifetime ministry regardless of one's vocation. He received his Master of Divinity and his Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. He's passionate about his students and this week I talked to some of his former students and they're very passionate about who he is. One of them said, "He's a great professor. He has a very clear and deep understanding of fundamental spirituality in people. He challenges students to explode their prior understanding of people and God."

Planting Trees -- Building the Future by Bobby Schuller

2311 2014-05-18

Today, we're going to talk about children, and the next generation, and investing in the future, and believing in who's coming up. This is an important topic because, in order to invest in the younger generation, you have to be selfless, sacrificial, and loving.

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