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2374 2015-08-02

Shame, Confession, Forgiveness and Freedom

by Bobby Schuller

I want to begin this morning before we dive into the Psalms by essentially saying this, and if you don't hear anything else I say, hear this: You don't have anything to prove in the kingdom of God. I think that many of us spend a lot of our time trying to prove things to people in our life that don't necessarily matter in the ways that we think they do. That's a good way of saying it.

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Longing for God by Bobby Schuller

2373 2015-07-26

When I was in fifth grade, I wanted a Sony Walkman. And the opportunity presented itself to me. There was this guy that came to our school who was essentially employing children to make money for his chocolate company. He brought in chocolate and encouraged the students from our school to sell the chocolate in order to raise money and to get prizes. As I realized later, I was drumming up hundreds of dollars for this guy and for my school so I could get a ten-dollar Walkman. At any rate, it seemed totally worth it at the time. Maybe some of you feel that way in your jobs.

The Sublimity of Gratitude and God's Love by Bobby Schuller

2372 2015-07-19

So, Hannah and I were coming back from Oklahoma. I love this story. You've heard it before. We're flying back from Oklahoma, as we had many times, and we're getting close to Orange County and the airport. All of a sudden, we go right over the Orange County airport, and we keep flying. Now, we're flying over the Pacific Ocean as if we're going to Hawaii. And this is going on, now, for twenty minutes. We're flying in circles over the water, and we're wondering if something is up. Why are we not landing?

The Path of Wisdom by Bobby Schuller

2371 2015-07-12

So, I used to think the Scriptures were a legal document that I could use against others. Now I know that the Scriptures are like a box of love letters or secret messages from the long past from a Father to me.

Grace and Peace by John Mark Comer

2370 2015-07-05

Well, it's such an honor today to have John Mark Comer in the house. If you're not familiar with John Mark Comer, I believe he's going to be, and already is, one of the most influential young pastors in America. What we're seeing today is someone who is continuing to move the church in the right direction, which is a church that understands that the kingdom of God is something that's a real presence. I love your tagline, John Mark Comer, that says, "Your will be done in Portland as it is in heaven." That is how their church prays. And it's such a great way of understanding the kingdom of God. In Portland as it is in heaven. In Orange County, in L.A. as it is in heaven. That's what we want. And so today, it's such an honor. John Mark is the pastor of teaching and vision at Bridgetown, which it's called a Jesus Church and it's big, with lots of young people and millennials and lots of coffee and bikes and people walking in the rain without umbrellas. Before this, in 2003, John Mark was a college pastor at a megachurch. I could keep going on and on. Please welcome with me, John Mark Comer.

See Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2369 2015-06-28

Today we're finishing a sermon series about what it means to live like Jesus in our culture, both in the culture of our church and of our organization. And today we're going to talk about what it means to see like Jesus. Jesus sees the world very differently than most of us see the world. He sees others differently than we see others. He sees you differently than others see you. He sees your future, your past, and your possibilities differently than you do. So for us as believers, if we can get in tune with the way Jesus sees our whole lives, we'll be different.

Pray Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2368 2015-06-21

Today we're going to talk about prayer in this theme about what it means to live like Jesus. You know God wants to talk to you. Because God loves you, and because you're God's kids, God wants to talk to you right now. He wants to hear from you. Very often, when we think of prayer, we think of a list of things that we need to go through. Things we need to ask God for. It almost becomes like an errand or like going to the gym. We know it would be good for us if we prayed for these nine things, but somehow it's somewhat hard to find the time. One of the biggest mistakes that we make in our view of prayer is that we see it only as asking God for things rather than an ongoing conversation we have with God.

Talk Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2367 2015-06-14

I'll begin with a question today. Can you remember a time when someone said something to you and, looking back, you recognize that those words changed the direction of your life? Can you remember a time when someone said something to you, whether good or bad, that looking back you recognize that those few, maybe even innocent words changed the course of your life forever?

Trust Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2366 2015-06-07

Today we're continuing a series we're calling "Creating a Live-Like-Jesus Culture." It is a series that's based on my new book that comes out very soon, June 9th, and I just want to say something real quick about this book. This book is, I think, the book I've been waiting to write my whole life. It's on the Sermon on the Mount, which for me is the sermon that Jesus gave us to say this is what I am all about.

Heal Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2365 2015-05-31

We are continuing a series called Live Like Jesus. And this series is based on my new book, which I'm very excited about, that comes out June 9th. I wrote a book called Happiness According to Jesus. I wanted to write a book that, if anybody got it in their hands and took it seriously, I knew their lives would be different. It's essentially the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount, as most of you know, is my wheelhouse. I love Sermon on the Mount. I memorized it, I pray through it, and it is the guiding light for my life. And, as I've made the Sermon on the Mount the compass for my life, I've seen how it has made and enriched my life in such a profound way.

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