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2390 2015-11-22

From Bitterness to Blessing

by Bobby Schuller

Well today we are in this season for fall. We're in the season of talking about putting on the mind of Christ, What it means to think the way Jesus thinks, and to think the way Jesus thought.

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Sanctifying the Imagination by Bobby Schuller

2389 2015-11-15

Today, we're beginning a new series called Putting on the Mind of Christ. It's the idea that in your mind is where everything begins. Everything begins and ends with your thoughts. Norman Vincent Peale said something super powerful that affected my grandfather and has affected me. He said, "Change your thoughts and you'll change your world." Change your thoughts and you'll change your world.

Shame, Confession, Forgiveness & Freedom by Bobby Schuller

2388 2015-11-08

I just want to begin this morning before we dive into the Psalms by essentially saying this, and if you don't hear anything else I say, hear this: you don't have anything to prove in the kingdom of God. I think that many of us spend a lot of our time trying to prove things to people in our life but don't necessarily matter in the ways that we think they do. That's a good way of saying it.

You Don't Have to Hurry Trust Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2387 2015-11-01

So, if you've come to church today feeling as though you're very, very busy, always going from one thing to another, perhaps you feel like in your life with all the work you do you might say, "I feel a bit numb." Like it's hard to experience the normal pleasures of life. Maybe today you rushed and hurried on your way to church and so you've arrived just a little frazzled. Did someone take your parking spot?

You Don't Have to Worry Trust Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2386 2015-10-25

If you're here today, if you're watching today, and you just got a really bad health scare, for you or for a loved one. Maybe today you got some really big challenges in your finances. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your student loans are getting crazy. Maybe you're here and you say I used to be happier. I remember a time when my life was somehow easier and more exciting, and now I feel like my life is worn thin, and that I'm just surviving. If this is you, God has a word for you today: "Don't worry. Be happy."

You Are Not What People Say About You, But God Will Say Great Things by Bobby Schuller

2385 2015-10-18

Today I just want to begin by talking to you. If you just got a bad email or a text that really got you down, maybe you didn't sleep last night, maybe somebody said something at work that wasn't appropriate. If you find yourself always caught in a trap of pleasing other people and caring deeply about what other people think about you, perhaps egotism is a struggle for you, that you're always focused on yourself. Or maybe, you have lots of anxiety about going to a party or being in a group of people because what they might think of you. If that's you, today's sermon is for you. And by the way, you're just a human being, welcome to the club. I mean all of us have these kinds of experiences where we are worried and bothered daily by what people say about us.

You Are Not What You Have, But You'll Have Real Treasure by Bobby Schuller

2384 2015-10-11

If you're listening today and you feel beat up, perhaps you've gone through a terrible break up or divorce, maybe there is someone in your family who you've had a falling out with and it just happened, or maybe it's been going on for years but your heart is breaking over the loss of this relationship. If you come to church today, or you're watching on TV and you feel a low sense of self worth, of value, if you think that God is angry at you or that he's punishing you, this message is for you. God has a word for you today. Everyone that's here today that is beat up by life, I want you to know God has a word for you today, and it is that you very simply are the beloved sons and daughters of God.

You Are Not What You Do, But You'll Do Great Things by Bobby Schuller

2383 2015-10-04

So today, we're beginning this series; we're calling it "Life of the Beloved." Yes, I got that right - what it means to live in the knowledge that I am God's, that he is mine. Although behavior is so important, and how we live our lives is so important, in the messiness of living life, there is one thing that cannot be taken from you. That is your identity as the beloved sons and daughters of God. There is nothing we can do, nothing that can be done to us, nothing that can be taken from us, nothing that can change in our circumstance that can change one simple thing - that you and I are God's beloved children. And, that's very good news. If we forget that one very simple but easily lost principle, we can actually lose everything else that matters in this world.

Pray Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2382 2015-09-27

Today we're going to talk about prayer in this theme about what it means to live like Jesus. You know God wants to talk to you. Because God loves you, and because you're God's kids, God wants to talk to you right now. He wants to hear from you. Very often, when we think of prayer, we think of a list of things that we need to go through. Things we need to ask God for. It almost becomes like an errand or like going to the gym. We know it would be good for us if we prayed for these nine things, but somehow it's somewhat hard to find the time. One of the biggest mistakes that we make in our view of prayer is that we see it only as asking God for things rather than an ongoing conversation we have with God.

Trust Like Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2381 2015-09-20

Today we're continuing a series we're calling "Creating a Live-Like-Jesus Culture." It is a series that's based on my new book that comes out very soon, June 9th, and I just want to say something real quick about this book. This book is, I think, the book I've been waiting to write my whole life. It's on the Sermon on the Mount, which for me is the sermon that Jesus gave us to say this is what I am all about.

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