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2379 2015-09-06

Follow the Rabbi: The Rabbi is Talking to You

by Bobby Schuller

Today we want to talk about the triumphal entry. We're continuing, actually, a series, "Follow the Rabbi," in which we will come to understand the context of the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We want to understand the culture that people in Jesus' day were living in.

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Follow the Rabbi: Cultivating the Rabbi's Words by Bobby Schuller

2378 2015-08-30

Today we're going to continue as we're journeying through lent, we're going to continue talking about what it would have been like to follow Jesus the Rabbi. I know many times when my faith has been weak, I've thought it doesn't seem fair. If I got to be one of the 12, I would have been able to walk with Christ and see all these miracles and experience all these great things, and you know I would have never doubted. I would have trusted him. And yet you look, you see the disciples, many of them they actually did abandon Jesus, all except the Apostle John. And what I remember is that God offers us this scripture in this story, but so often we read the scriptures in the light of western American or whatever country we're in, we read it in our own light. And we do what's called isogeting where we put our own meaning into the text when it doesn't exist. One of the best things we can do is understand the culture and the language and the way that people taught in Jesus' context to really understand the scripture.

Follow the Rabbi: Rabbi's Dust by Bobby Schuller

2377 2015-08-23

Today we're beginning a series called Follow the Rabbi. We're going to take some time over the next few weeks to dig into the perils of Jesus, and use a narrative, even our imagination to remember many of the stories that are told in the gospels so that we can, like the disciples, find ourselves following Jesus and living in his world.

The Dawn of the Dark Night by Bobby Schuller

2376 2015-08-16

Today we're going to be talking about doubt and the suffering that comes along with even doubting God. God hasn't left you. Can we just begin there? God hasn't left you. God never will leave you. The scriptures say even when we are faithless God remains faithful because he cannot deny himself. God's love is so deep, so rich, so indescribable. God's love is the thing that can sustain the heart of every human being, and God's love is not so fickle that when you make mistakes, or when you doubt, or when you go through hard times, that all of a sudden he just picks up and disappears. God is solid, he is faithful, he is trustworthy, and you can depend on God's love.

Praying with Clenched Fists by Bobby Schuller

2375 2015-08-09

So last night I went on a daddy/daughter date with Haven, my daughter. She is five. And we went and saw Disney's "Inside Out." And let me just say, this movie is unreal good. You have to go see it. I recommend it to everyone. I love the story. It's about getting into the mind of a girl and seeing that her whole life is run by five emotions. Each emotion is its own character - Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Joy. And Joy runs the ship but these other four emotions help Joy. I think it was such a great story because Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, what you think are bad emotions, are actually good guys. I thought that was what was most creative about the film. These good guys were trying to help Joy, the main character inside the little girl's head, succeed at making the girl have a happy life.

Shame, Confession, Forgiveness and Freedom by Bobby Schuller

2374 2015-08-02

I want to begin this morning before we dive into the Psalms by essentially saying this, and if you don't hear anything else I say, hear this: You don't have anything to prove in the kingdom of God. I think that many of us spend a lot of our time trying to prove things to people in our life that don't necessarily matter in the ways that we think they do. That's a good way of saying it.

Longing for God by Bobby Schuller

2373 2015-07-26

When I was in fifth grade, I wanted a Sony Walkman. And the opportunity presented itself to me. There was this guy that came to our school who was essentially employing children to make money for his chocolate company. He brought in chocolate and encouraged the students from our school to sell the chocolate in order to raise money and to get prizes. As I realized later, I was drumming up hundreds of dollars for this guy and for my school so I could get a ten-dollar Walkman. At any rate, it seemed totally worth it at the time. Maybe some of you feel that way in your jobs.

The Sublimity of Gratitude and God's Love by Bobby Schuller

2372 2015-07-19

So, Hannah and I were coming back from Oklahoma. I love this story. You've heard it before. We're flying back from Oklahoma, as we had many times, and we're getting close to Orange County and the airport. All of a sudden, we go right over the Orange County airport, and we keep flying. Now, we're flying over the Pacific Ocean as if we're going to Hawaii. And this is going on, now, for twenty minutes. We're flying in circles over the water, and we're wondering if something is up. Why are we not landing?

The Path of Wisdom by Bobby Schuller

2371 2015-07-12

So, I used to think the Scriptures were a legal document that I could use against others. Now I know that the Scriptures are like a box of love letters or secret messages from the long past from a Father to me.

Grace and Peace by John Mark Comer

2370 2015-07-05

Well, it's such an honor today to have John Mark Comer in the house. If you're not familiar with John Mark Comer, I believe he's going to be, and already is, one of the most influential young pastors in America. What we're seeing today is someone who is continuing to move the church in the right direction, which is a church that understands that the kingdom of God is something that's a real presence. I love your tagline, John Mark Comer, that says, "Your will be done in Portland as it is in heaven." That is how their church prays. And it's such a great way of understanding the kingdom of God. In Portland as it is in heaven. In Orange County, in L.A. as it is in heaven. That's what we want. And so today, it's such an honor. John Mark is the pastor of teaching and vision at Bridgetown, which it's called a Jesus Church and it's big, with lots of young people and millennials and lots of coffee and bikes and people walking in the rain without umbrellas. Before this, in 2003, John Mark was a college pastor at a megachurch. I could keep going on and on. Please welcome with me, John Mark Comer.

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