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2342 2014-12-21

Love: Care for Human Good

by Bobby Schuller

I remember living in Oklahoma and it was hell in the winter. It would get to 5 degrees with wind blowing 30 miles an hour. Tulsa is the only city I know of that has more wind than Chicago does. The windy city, right? I remember going out in the cold, trying to scrape ice off the car windows at six in the morning, knuckles hitting the ice, and then falling on my knees in pain. I'd think, "I'm from California! I don't belong here!" It was terrible.

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A Pervasive Sense of Well-Being by Bobby Schuller

2341 2014-12-14

I'm standing here overwhelmed at the opportunity to preach to this congregation every week. It really is such a blessing and humbling because most young men my age - I'm 32 years old - don't have an opportunity to speak to so many mature Christians, people who have been in the faith. Then layer that with the opportunity to speak to a worldwide audience. I'm just so humbled and thankful that every week I have the opportunity to be here, and that you and even the Lord trust me with sharing the gospel. So, thank you for listening each week. I'm so grateful. Today, we want to talk about joy as a part of this journey towards becoming and being grafted into the image of Christ, himself.

Keep Watch Take Heart! by Bobby Schuller

2340 2014-12-07

In this season celebrating Christ's birth, we want to reflect on advent. Advent is comprised of the four Sundays before the Christmas Day. The word, "advent," means "the coming" or, maybe more romantically, "the arrival." The arrival of the Messiah, the Son of God, the one everyone was waiting for in Israel. That's what we celebrate when we celebrate Christmas. But then to be in partnership with the narrative or the story that precedes the birth of Christ, we have this little four-week period where we, ourselves, prepare our own hearts for the arrival of Christ in our darkness.

The Hope of Nations by Bobby Schuller

2339 2014-11-30

Good morning, everyone. You picked a good day to come to church. It's always a good day to come to church, so says the pastor, right? Okay.

Life in the Spirit: Hearing God's Voice by Bobby Schuller

2338 2014-11-23

How we doing? Yes, all right. So, I got a little bit of stomach flu. It's maybe the ninth time you've heard it, I'm sure. But what was so funny is these words were circling in my head. We have this teaching team some pastors and Bible scholars - and a group of us will get together on Thursday mornings to go through some of the things I'm thinking about preaching on. When we got together this past Thursday, they all looked at me and said, "We are so glad you are giving this sermon and none of us."

Life in the Spirit: Incarnation by Bobby Schuller

2337 2014-11-16

Today, we're going to talk about the incarnation. If you know Latin, incarnation means to make something into meat, quite literally. If you speak Spanish, carne is meat, right? To in-flesh something. It's okay, it was meant to be a joke. I was actually a little bummed that only Ernie laughed. Thank you, Ernie. Let's lighten the mood a little bit here. Incarnation literally means to in-flesh something or in-meat something; to actually take something by default, something spiritual, and put bones and skin on it. Don't worry. It's going to get even weirder than this. Are we ready?

Life in the Spirit: The Person of the Holy Spirit by Bobby Schuller

2336 2014-11-09

I went to Fuller Theological Seminary, as many of you know, which is a mostly a Presbyterian Reformed Seminary, even though it's broadly Protestant, Evangelical. But, before that, I went to a school called Oral Roberts University. Now, when I began at Oral Roberts, when I first heard of it, I thought it was a dental school. I actually had no idea who Oral Roberts was until I attended the university. I had heard some joke about three famous pastors going to hell, or something. One of them was my grandpa, and the other was Oral Roberts, so there was some vague recollection of this person. I can't remember the joke, but the punch line ends with the devil saying, "You've got to take Robert Schuller back. He's raising money for air conditioning." All right, anyway...

Our Vision: School, Home & Hospital by Bobby Schuller

2335 2014-11-02

So today we finish our series on "Who We Are." And who we are, we're happy and whole students of Jesus; people who can truly be happy and whole through the midst of cancer, in the midst of having a kid with epilepsy, in the midst of aging, in the midst of loss of a loved one, a husband, a wife. God can provide us with the deep sense of meaning and joy, even though we're suffering, even though we're losing. Even though we don't know what comes next in our life, we can have a deep, abiding sense of peace. And that is what we want for everyone watching on the Hour of Power, for everyone in this church, people that are so deeply grounded in the knowledge and love and friendship of Jesus, that they live a meaningful, joy-filled, flourishing, fruit bearing life regardless of what happens. Isn't that good news? That's available to you today. So, if you come here weary, and you come here worried, if you feel like you're breaking, God has a word for you this morning.

Giving to Those in Need by Chad Blake

2334 2014-10-26

This morning, we find ourselves at the back end of a series entitled, "Who We Are." In this series, we are hoping to dive into what we stand for as a community. What is it that we want to be about?

Gathered in Grace by Bobby Schuller

2333 2014-10-19

We get really in the passage today, Acts chapter 2 we get an incredible picture of what it looked like: the birth of the church in Jerusalem. Something amazing happens. Jesus is raised from the dead, he ascends in to heaven, but before he ascends into heaven, he gathers his disciples around and he says guys listen, I'm going but don't worry I'm going to send a comforter to you and this person is going to help you until I return and we're together again. So these disciples, as they're hearing the words of Jesus, say okay great, you know a comforter is coming. And let me tell you something they were expecting a man.

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