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2307 2014-04-20

Easter: The Invitation to a Spiritual Life

by Bobby Schuller

Two thousand years ago, the most incredible, important event in human history took place. A short, Jewish, little-known, itinerant preacher in the far eastern parts of the Roman Empire, a homeless man, a man who had a small group of followers, a man who was saying things that no one else had ever said, a man that many believed to be a prophet and even the Messiah, this man raised Himself from the dead. And for two thousand years, we have formed a group of people called Christians, the church, who worship this man because we believe that this resurrection was the beginning of everything changing. We believe that this man made a promise to everyone on earth that someday He would redeem and rescue us all.

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Sabbath Labor by Bobby Schuller

2306 2014-04-13

We're continuing the Sabbath series and today I have the real joy and privilege of talking about one of my favorite things: Work. You can't understand Sabbath if you don't understand work. Some of you may be thinking, "I love the Sabbath series. I Sabbath seven days a week." Yes, you cannot Sabbath if you do not work. That's the catch. You see, Sabbath is a rest from work. So, to understand Sabbath, you have to understand work.

Lions in the Daniel Den by Bobby Schuller

2305 2014-04-06

We begin by understanding that Sabbath is a promise from God that our humanity is not based on what we produce. That's something that's hard to remember in an industrious country like America. And although work is very important, it's not what makes us who we are.

Leap of Faith by Jacob Olson

2304 2014-03-30

It is an honor to be back here on the Hour of Power. It was such a great experience last time and so it's just an honor to be here, to be able to speak to you this morning. As I mentioned, I went blind around four years ago. Think about how much you use your eyesight; you use it every day in everything you do. So, to lose that was hard. I had to adapt a lot. I had to come up with tricks and new ways to do things, to learn how to read again, and walk again, and all these different things.

Even God Rests by Bobby Schuller

2303 2014-03-23

Today, we're going to begin a new series. We just finished, last week, the Sermon on the Mount. For those of you who don't know, last Wednesday we began the Lenten season, which is essentially the countdown to Easter. I thought about a way we could invite a new series into Lent, something new and different that would bring us into in the Easter season.

Sermon on the Mount: Build it on the Rock by Bobby Schuller

2302 2014-03-16

So glad to see everyone this morning. I'm sorry to say that today we are finishing our long, long series on the Sermon on the Mount. Everybody say, "Ohhhhhhh..." I know. It was good while it lasted. It's been four months. There are a couple of passages within Jesus' sermon that were so difficult to preach on, especially the passage on divorce. That was a challenge. Yet, it seemed that all the times in which God brought us to difficult passages in the Sermon on the Mount, he used it to encourage and bless people.

Sermon on the Mount: Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit by Bobby Schuller

2301 2014-03-09

Well, good morning, everyone. I'm so sorry I wasn't here last week, and I even arrived here this morning a bit scabbed in my soul, if you know what I mean. I had possibly the hardest week of my life last week. Very, very difficult. So, I've arrived today with scratches, bumps, and bruises, for a number of reasons.

A Woman of Noble Character by Glenn DeMaster

2300 2014-03-02

This morning, I'm most humbled and honored for the privilege of speaking to you. Marilyn and I have been blessed to be part of this church family for the last 20 years. And for 12 of those years, I had the privilege of being your executive pastor. And it was during that time that I really got to know Bob and Arvella Schuller very personally. Today, I'm choosing to focus on those years because, in these past few years, I've had very limited contact with them.

Sermon on the Mount: Ask, Seek and Knock by Bobby Schuller

2299 2014-02-23

I just want to say thank you to all of you. The Hour of Power is a mission from this church to the whole world! There are millions of people that listen to the music and the message, millions who are thirsty for Hour of Power, and you are the ones that are bringing it to them. Isn't that cool? I want to talk to everybody. We are still at a place where we are struggling financially, but as time goes on, things start to look a little better and better and in large part thanks to the leadership of John Charles and the organization of our ministry. We can applaud him and the wisdom that he has brought from his business experience, and other leaders. We're in this process of refining, but we still need money.

Sermon on the Mount: Letting Go of Self-Righteousness by Bobby Schuller

2298 2014-02-16

Today, we're going to talk about judging others. In doing that, I want to endeavor towards Christians who stand for the truth, who stand for what is good, who stand for what is beautiful and right. That in that standing, we don't push, presume, pretend, judge, worry, and control, but rather that we become people who live out that life so that it is so compelling and contagious and desirable that judgment is simply not needed. You can actually be an encouraging, nice, loving person who sees the best in sinners because God saw the best in us when we were sinners, and we still are.

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