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2334 2014-10-26

Giving to Those in Need

by Chad Blake

This morning, we find ourselves at the back end of a series entitled, "Who We Are." In this series, we are hoping to dive into what we stand for as a community. What is it that we want to be about?

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Gathered in Grace by Bobby Schuller

2333 2014-10-19

We get really in the passage today, Acts chapter 2 we get an incredible picture of what it looked like: the birth of the church in Jerusalem. Something amazing happens. Jesus is raised from the dead, he ascends in to heaven, but before he ascends into heaven, he gathers his disciples around and he says guys listen, I'm going but don't worry I'm going to send a comforter to you and this person is going to help you until I return and we're together again. So these disciples, as they're hearing the words of Jesus, say okay great, you know a comforter is coming. And let me tell you something they were expecting a man.

Growing in Jesus' School by Bobby Schuller

2332 2014-10-12

Today, we're going to continue our conversation about our vision. It's called the "Who We Are" series, and we're talking essentially about what we believe as a community as we go through all these big changes in our church. In the last year it's incredible when you think about what we've gone through - a new building, a total shift in our production, Tree of Life has come on board, we have all sorts of new people who have joined the church in this last year. It is good, like at the beginning of a school year. Most people think the year really begins in September, especially people with kids. At the beginning of the school year we think in terms of "Who are we?" And, "Why are we doing this?" In fact, I'll never forget when someone asked me recently, "Why are you doing all of this?" And I said, "Well, that's a good question. Come to church on Sunday and find out!"

Happy and Whole Students of Jesus by Bobby Schuller

2331 2014-10-05

Today, we're beginning a new series called "Who We Are." As we go through a number of big changes in our ministry, we want to make sure, as we embark on this journey of a new Hour of Power, continuing to move in this church space, during all of the changes we're going through, that we remember why we're doing it. We remember our vision. We remember who we are.

Seek Godís Plan by Nick Vujicic

2330 2014-09-28

Wow today is really a special day. It is our last taping Sunday for the season, and it's a fitting one because we have such a tremendous honor to hear who I think is one of the most gifted and compelling teachers and speakers in the world today. Today we have the real pleasure of hearing from Nick Vujicic. Nick, of course, many of you know who he is. He was born with the tetra-amelia syndrome that is, essentially, that he was born with no arms and legs. And that is a compelling part of Nick's story, but I really feel like Nick's message transcends that. There are many speakers and authors who have disabilities, but Nick's ability to invite people into the love and the spirit of Christian living, is something that is matched by almost no one. Let's welcome with some real energy, Nick Vujicic.

Overcoming Evil with Good by Bobby Schuller

2329 2014-09-21

Today we are ending our series on Romans, which is really the gospel. Most of the language we use as Christians comes from the Epistle to the Romans from Paul. So far, we have talked about some important things. We have talked about how fallen people are, and that evil and badness is the default for human beings, that goodness takes effort. We have talked about how all of us, whether we are religious or not, tend to have this lack of desire to do what is good because of that simple nature that we were born with.

More Than Conquerors by Bobby Schuller

2328 2014-09-14

If you hear anything I say today, hear these words from Henri Nouwen: "You're not what you do, you're not what you have, you're not what people say about you; you are the beloved sons and daughters of God." If you can really believe that there is a God, he's a good God, he's involved in your life, he's more interested in your matters than you are, and actually loves you regardless of what you do, have, or what people say about you, if you can believe that, you will be saved.

Learning Songs for the Desert by Dr. Bill Dogterom

2327 2014-09-07

Dr. Dogterom is the Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Vanguard University. His particular interest is in the spiritual formation for lifetime ministry regardless of one's vocation. He received his Master of Divinity and his Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. He's passionate about his students and this week I talked to some of his former students and they're very passionate about who he is. One of them said, "He's a great professor. He has a very clear and deep understanding of fundamental spirituality in people. He challenges students to explode their prior understanding of people and God."

Harmony in the Church by Bobby Schuller

2326 2014-08-31

We are continuing today our study of the book of Romans. We are starting to wind down. I'm actually going to chapter 14 and then coming back to 12, which is a little weird, but I am a little weird and so I like doing things like that.

Renewing the Mind by Bobby Schuller

2325 2014-08-24

Today we're continuing our conversation and study of the book or Romans. We are jumping today from Romans chapter 8 to Romans chapter 12. And at some level, especially as a Bible nerd, it's really hard to skip over certain passages and chapters, so we skipped a ton in chapter nine, ten, and eleven. Nine in particular, God's calling, preordaining, and predestining of his disciples, and in chapter eleven, the olive branch. Because Romans is such an awesome book, we seriously could spend the whole year going through it. But unfortunately, my feeling was nine through eleven would only buttress and support what we've already said. So, my hope is that when we finish this sermon series, you leave with a broad understanding of what Romans says and that from this place, you can carry on your study on your own.

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