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Robert Vernon "Bobby" Schuller

Pastor Bobby Schuller

Our Hour of Power Pastor Bobby Schuller graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2003 and received a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008.

Beyond his responsibilities with the "Hour of Power," he serves as a pastor for the Tree of Life community in Orange, CA, and as President of the St. Patrick Project, a social services outreach in Orange County, CA. He has also been featured on TV shows including Canada’s "100 Huntley Street" and The Learning Channel’s "The Messengers."

The grandson of Dr. Robert H. Schuller and son of Rev. Robert A. Schuller, Bobby continues their tradition as a pastor on the "Hour of Power," America’s television church to the world, broadcast weekly since 1970 from Southern California. Bobby currently resides in Orange, CA, with his wife Hannah and their two children, Haven and Cohen.

What Hour of Power viewers are saying about Bobby...

"Bobby, your refreshing way of bringing the gospel to us is adding so much to my 86 years of being in God's word. My husband Vic is 90 and reminds me, 'It's time for Bobby.'"
-Margaret Hass, Minot, ND

"Bobby's sermon about happiness and secret goodness was fabulous! The torch has been passed. He's the ONE. Good job."
-Elaine Morrison, Canada

"When my husband was dying in 1996, I found Hour of Power on TV and it became a most important part of my weeks as the message of Christ's love spoke to my heart and relieved me of some of the pain. Bobby's messages are sincere and blessed by God. This ministry offered me a lifeline in my time of need and so I am committed to support it for others in need."
-Margaret Retallick, New Zealand

"Bobby Schuller is almost prophetic. His sermons bring tears into our eyes and it happened again today. What Bobby preached touched my wife and me deeply. God bless you!"
-Waldemar Burghartz, Germany

"I have been greatly encouraged by Pastor Bobby's sermons at a time when I felt overwhelmed with concerns regarding my family. Over the last several weeks, each message spoke to me personally and lifted me up. I look forward to the sincere and positive encouragement provided through this ministry."
-Elizabeth Sharkey, Australia

"Bobby, I have watched the program for about 40 years. Your sermons are so godly and powerful and from the heart. Keep up the good work."
-Dave Thompson, Middleboro, MA

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