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Ministry FAQ

New! Hour of Power Broadcast Announcement:
In a continuous effort to be good stewards of your precious donations, it was decided unanimously by our Board of Directors to discontinue airing Hour of Power on the POP Network. We continue to broadcast on our flagship station TBN, our website, and all of our other contracted networks (see TV Listings). We will also continue to search for affordable and sound broadcast times and locations to bring Hour of Power to you on the best and most accessible networks.
Also, please make the following changes to the below FAQ question...
1. Removed POP 2. Removed KTLA-5 and replacde it with KCAL-9 and added Southern California. 3. Changed 11 to 10 and removed Russia.

Where may I watch it and at what times? Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller may be seen in the U.S. on TBN, The Church Channel, NRB, and KCAL-9 in Los Angeles and Southern California. Supported by a network of 10 Hour of Power local offices around the world, the full-hour airs internationally in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, New Zealand, Pearl River Delta/China Mainland, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa and other African countries, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In addition, through TBN International, the program is viewed on all seven continents, including the Middle East and Antarctica. A half-hour version airs in 177 countries and on all military ships at sea on American Forces Network. The full hour is available at all times atwww.hourofpower.org. For local listings, go here.

A new direction for the Hour of Power? In mid-June, 2014, an exciting announcement was made about the future of Hour of Power and the new program format that will commence in the fall. After almost 45 years of Hour of Power telecasts, this iconic television program is preparing to meet the needs and reach out to people around the world with a program designed for the 21st Century.

Hour of Power will be outsourced to an independent production team ending the current system of producing Hour of Power with employed production staff. This is a move towards an industry normal and will bring cost benefits and greater versatility to the production of Hour of Power.

Hour of Power will continue to be based on the services of the Shepherd's Grove church, always containing great choir music, guests, and a powerful Christ-centered message. This new format will allow many of the interviews to be done on location and for other external footage to become part of Hour of Power.

In announcing this to key staff members on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, Bobby Schuller, while expressing excitement for the new Hour of Power, also conveyed his tremendous appreciation and thanks for the wonderful work and professional standards that our production staff has maintained over many years. He recognized their commitment and support of the ministry, as they ensured that the Hour of Power was of the highest quality.

Bobby Schuller invites you to join him in praying for our local church with a global mission and its message of hope, love, and healing, reaching out to a hurting world as we encourage people to become happy students of Jesus.

What's the latest update on the Schuller family? The most significant change in the life of the Schuller family is the passing of family matriarch and co-founder of the ministry, Arvella Schuller. Dr. Robert H. Schuller, now retired from the ministry he founded with Arvella in 1955, had been continuing to communicate in various media and venues, carrying on his life-changing ministry to the world. However, with the passing of his beloved Arvella coupled with a recent diagnosis of esophageal cancer, Dr. Schuller is staying closer to home, getting treatment, spending time with family, and sharing with all he meets the joy of the Lord. Please join us in prayer for the entire Schuller family as they grieve the passing of Mrs. Schuller and support their beloved father/grandfather through this significant health issue.

Who is currently leading the ministry? In 2012, Pastor Bobby Schuller accepted the position of Hour of Power Pastor, and more recently Lead Pastor and ministry president. In 2011, John Charles accepted the position of the ministries' President and CEO, and has just recently retired, as of June, 2014.

What are Rev. Robert A. Schuller, Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman, and Pastor Jim Penner doing now? Supportive of the ministry's decision to choose his son Robert V. "Bobby" Schuller as the Hour of Power Pastor, Robert A. Schuller occasionally appears on the program while primarily working with his son-in-law Chris Wyatt on new endeavors in positive family media. Sheila Schuller Coleman and Jim Penner, along with Pastor Harold Shaw, moved their thriving ministry, Hope Center OC (of Christ), to a new location in nearby Orange, CA.

Is Shepherd's Grove a part of a church denomination? Yes, the church is, as it has been for years, a recognized member of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) denomination.

When was the final service in the Crystal Cathedral held? The special service, honoring the past and celebrating the future, was held on Sunday, June 30, 2013.

When did the congregation move to their new location? The congregation and church staff moved in late June 2013. The first service was held on July 7, 2013, with the church filled to capacity.

Why did the ministry decide to sell the property to the Roman Catholic Diocese? When it became clear in 2011 that selling the property would be best for the future of the ministry, the board and Dr. Schuller decided to sell to the Catholic Diocese so the buildings and grounds would always remain places of worship, as they were intended.

How was the Hour of Power television broadcast affected by the move? During the transition, re-runs and previously un-aired services were broadcast through the summer months until all broadcasting and editing equipment was relocated to the new church campus in Garden Grove and ministry headquarters in Huntington Beach, and the sanctuary was prepared for taping. After the move was complete, the final service in the Crystal Cathedral and the first service at Shepherd's Grove were broadcast consecutively, on September 22 and 29, 2013. The Hour of Power is now being broadcast from its new location at Shepherd's Grove church.

Any more details on the Shepherd's Grove move? It was, in effect, a swap of facilities with the St. Callistus' congregation and the diocese's administrative offices. About one mile apart on Lewis Street in Garden Grove, rent payments for the new location will be $25,000 per month due beginning January 2014 and increase at a predetermined rate every two years thereafter. The new, beautiful, sunlit sanctuary seats approx. 1,200.

Is there an organ in the new location? Yes. One of our generous church members has donated a magnificent organ previously owned by, and now named for, one our beloved former organists, Frederick Swann.

Where are the Hour of Power and administrative offices now located? Supporting the Hour of Power, which is continuing to be broadcast nationally and internationally to millions of homes and hearts worldwide, the ministry's administrative staff - for both church and Hour of Power - has moved to new offices in Huntington Beach.

What will happen to the items (stepping-stones, glass bricks, seats, windows, etc.) that donors have sponsored to help build Crystal Cathedral Ministries' former campus? The Catholic Diocese, in honoring the donors and the history of the Crystal Cathedral and its ministry, has communicated that they will keep most of these historical items intact except in the case of new construction/refurbishment. In August 2013, the diocese announced that the Walk of Faith stepping-stones would be removed; a pictorial tribute to the donors may be found at walkoffaith.christcathedralcalifornia.org.

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